Trump Tweets Against Lockheed’s F-35: Here Are the Facts



Donald Trump is making waves at the Pentagon — again!

By now you’ve all heard about President-elect Donald Trump and his government-by-tweet initiatives to get Boeing (NYSE: BA) to cut the price of Air Force One, and persuade Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) to lower the cost of its F-35 stealth fighter jet, by criticizing their sticker prices on TwitterOpens a New Window..

Original Story:
BOEING’S F/A-18 fighter jet. Is it really comparable to Lockheed Martin’s F-35? IMAGE SOURCE:U.S. NAVYOpens a New Window..

As a negotiating tactic, the effort has merit. It embarrasses the president-elect’s negotiating partners and gives them incentive to offer concessions, without requiring Trump and the taxpayers he will soon represent to make any concessions of their own. But in his latest social media salvo, President-elect Trump may have gone a bit too far.

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