Local Media Consortium Members Address Digital Media in an Era of Change During Spring Meeting in Chicago, May 16-17

May 16, 2017 – The Local Media Consortium (LMC), a strategic partnership of leading local media companies, today kicked off its spring 2017 meeting with opening remarks from Rusty Coats, executive director, LMC. More than 150 member representatives, partners and staff across print, digital and broadcast media are in attendance at the two-day event being held at the Hilton Chicago.

The conference includes 18 sessions on topics ranging from ad blocking to local media audience extension. Keynote speakers include Mark Stoever, CEO of Monster.com on “Leading a Digital Media Company in an Era of Change;” Campbell Brown, head of news partnerships at Facebook, on “How Facebook is Partnering with News Publishers;” Richard Gingras, Google’s vice president of news, on “Building a Better, Open Web;” and Amazon Alexa’s Michael Francisco, head of Alexa skills kit partnerships, on “Reaching Local Audiences with Amazon Alexa and the Local Media Consortium.”

“We’re pleased to welcome such a high caliber group of keynote speakers to our event, which we expect to be one of the LMC’s most successful meetings ever,” said Rusty Coats, executive director, LMC. “This setting and these topics enable us to have meaningful discussions about local media growth in the digital age, including how best to work with technology and marketing leaders like Amazon, Facebook, Monster and Google.”

Day one of the event will wrap up with a reception sponsored by Monster.com, an LMC service provider partner since 2011.

“Monster is honored to have our CEO Mark Stoever speak at the annual Local Media Consortium meeting,” said Matt O’Connor, Senior Vice President and General Manager at Monster. “Monster’s commitment to the newspaper industry goes hand-in-hand with our longstanding relationship with the LMC, and we highly value the great work this alliance has enabled us to do for and with the LMC’s robust community of local newspapers and media companies.”

“I’m incredibly proud of the joint efforts the LMC and Monster make to provide innovative content and solutions to the Consortium’s members, and to work with these outlets to deliver greater value for their customers and communities by connecting more people and job opportunities in the digital age,” added Mark Stoever, Chief Executive Officer at Monster. “I am delighted to have the opportunity to expand on this topic and Monster’s commitment to the LMC by speaking at their annual meeting among such an incredible list of fellow presenters.”

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