Patients at St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital in Tampa Get a Prom of their Very Own

May 21, 2017 – On Friday, May 19, 2017, more than 100 patients at St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital attended a Superhero-themed prom in the hospital’s auditorium.

Each year, the hospital hosts prom for patients who were unable to attend their own dance due to hospitalization or who, due to chronic or life-threatening conditions, may never get the opportunity. Like all proms, the evening included refreshments, keepsake photos, music and dancing.

St Josephs Childrens Hospital

The special event is an all-day affair that includes selecting gowns and suits from a dress shop set up in the hospital, professional hair and wig styling, and pampering by makeup artists.

“Children with chronic or life-threatening conditions sometimes miss or have to delay traditional childhood rituals, such as playing a team sport, slumber parties, learning to drive and participating in high school dances,” said Jazleen Vecchiarelli, manager of clinical services for St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital. “Our extraordinary team of Child Life Specialists organize special events, like prom, to provide patients with experiences that they might not otherwise have due to treatment and hospitalization.”

And because no child should have to miss prom because of an illness or injury, the event is not limited to just high school patients.

“For some seriously ill pediatric patients, this prom may be a once in a lifetime opportunity,” said Vecchiarelli. “It’s a night that every kid should have, no matter how sick, which is why we gave our patients a chance to go to prom now.”

To see highlights from St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital’s prom, visit:

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