Shoflo Event Production Software Releases Sponsorship Tracking and Reporting Features

June 13, 2017 – NACDA SHOW – For years, game presentation teams have been creating rundowns in excel and manually tracking when elements run during the games in separate documents. Shoflo, the Orlando-based event production software team, officially debuted an innovative way to merge both rundown and sponsorship reports into one single software system on the NACDA show floor on Monday.

Production teams can now automatically add timestamps to their game scripts while the sponsorship elements run during the game. As programmed and floating elements are run, this new time stamp feature will not only record the date and time but also give teams the ability to add notes regarding their execution. Production and marketing personnel can now export a report that shows when elements ran and give these reports to their greater team and sponsors for review.

1 (7).jpg

Shoflo is used by professional and collegiate teams all over the world including our very own Orlando Magic, Atlanta Braves, Clemson, BYU and many more. We worked with these teams to develop the best way to track their progress throughout a game and then generate this sponsorship report. This is going to be a massive help in reducing double work and streamline the sponsorship reporting process as a whole.”  Stephen Bowles, Founder & CEO of Shoflo

  • Removes the frustrating workflow of building sponsorship reports after the game
  • Easily add time stamp manually or auto insert time stamps as elements are run
  • Add personal notes on each timestamp for reference later

1 (8).jpg

This is just the beginning of sponsorship features for the Shoflo team. In the coming months they’ll be expanding into even greater functionality for tracking elements across an entire season.

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