Regular Eye Makeup Usage Can Damage Skin around the Eyes. New Beauty Tool Can Prevent All of This!

June 20, 2017 – Original Butterfly Eyelash Guard®, a revolutionary, worldwide-patented, protective shield for cosmetic procedures around eyes and eyelashes, offers users a multitude of benefits. Inventor Natalia Franklin stated, “In the United States, 94 million makeup users aged 15-70 apply and remove their eye makeup twice daily. This routine very often results in mascara and other makeup residue invading and damaging the tender tissue surrounding their eyes and eyelashes. In addition to working with both patients and clients, I have read many convincing scientific articles about these problems/the importance of eye protection from The Library of Medicine—National Institutes of Health. The big question is, ‘Are those unsightly dark circles, the result of years of eye makeup absorbed deep into my skin?’ Unfortunately, the answer was ‘yes.'”

Franklin, educated in and then having extensive experience within the medical/cosmetic fields, spotted a definite void in the marketplace. So, she subsequently invented a safe, easy-to-use product, Original Butterfly Eyelash Guard®, which takes seconds to put on… without any sticky adhesives touching the skin. And, once positioned directly below the user’s lower eyelashes, the makeup application or removal process is immediately ready to begin.

1 (6).jpg

“It was designed for safe and healthy, smudge-free eye makeup application/removal without rubbing, pulling and stretching the skin during the process,” Franklin added. “It is also extremely useful during eyelash extensions; perms, tints, and can even be used as a sun-shield after laser/chemical peels… and, other medical or cosmetic needs. It protects the very thin and sensitive skin around the eyes from damage, premature aging and loss of eyelashes, in addition to saving application/removal time.”

Original Butterfly Eyelash Guard® is hypoallergenic, offers hands-free-usage, is disposable and provides precise and wide coverage… making it extremely safe for all users. “It is a scientific fact that mascara’s residue can penetrate and permanently accumulate in the skin and conjunctiva. The amount of discomfort and subsequent physical damage caused by this situation should not be ignored,” added Franklin. “Once people discover the advantages offered by our product, they use it over and over again. It’s a problem solver!”

The exclusive manufacturer/distributor of Original Butterfly Eyelash Guard® is Holistic Beauty Solutions. For more information/purchasing information, please visit the company website

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