What You Didn’t Know About Rockledge Gardens

Have you visited Rockledge Gardens lately? Its more than just a place to pick up shrubs and citrus trees for your yard. This 54-year-old family-run company is set upon 4+ acres of property stretching across US 1. It’s not your ordinary garden center. They are not only the biggest garden center in Brevard but they pride themselves on carrying the largest variety of plants and trees. Liz Lark Riley (the owner’s daughter-in-law) and Event Planner says, “If you can’t find it here, it’s not available anywhere.”

Harry and Mary Witte started Rockledge Gardens in 1962 as a little roadside stand selling bulbs and soul on the honor system. They had 6 children and their youngest daughter, Theresa, took over and expanded it into what it is today. In 2012, they started a Hydroponic Farm across US 1 and started selling the produce in a Farmer’s Market. They invite other local farmers to sell too. It is open on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 10AM-3PM where you can find fresh eggs, milk, honey, jams, jellies, pasta, chocolate, cheesecake, breads, and handmade items. On the 2nd Saturday of each month, they hold an Expanded Market called Farm & Friends where additional sellers can purchase a table and sell their wares. There’s a petting zoo too!


A recent addition is the Harry and Mary Witte Learning Center where they teach their gardening classes. They held their first event here in February and since then have had 3 weddings in this beautiful park-like setting. Its 8,000 sq. ft. that has an outdoor kitchen, fire pit, lawn, and 2,000 sq. ft. pavilion. Restrooms are nearby. If you’re interested in renting this space for your event, contact Liz at events@rockledgegardens.com. Otherwise, feel free to use it as your own personal park and bring a sack lunch, a book, and the kids and enjoy the gardens.

Liz is the brains behind many new seasonal-themed events at Rockledge Hardens including Spring Fling; Earth Day; Mother’s Day Event; and Lights, Wine n’ Cheese. These events are free and include food trucks, specialty cocktails, live music, activities for children and adults, and special decorations. In addition, there are 2 major events each year – The Fall Festival and The Fairy Garden Festival. The Fall Festival will be on October 28th and 29th this year. There will be food trucks, hay rides, pumpkins, live music, crafts, and an apple pie bake off. The Fairy Garden Festival which will be the 3rd weekend in May 2018 and includes spate workshops for kids and adults, face painting, scavenger hunt and free 4” annual. Tinker Belle may even show up for a visit! Another special event is Love in the Gardens which is a ticketed event because it features a special, local band, wine, and chocolates from Grimaldi’s.

Rockledge Gardens has an extremely knowledgeable staff with many years of experience in the gardening industry. There are 3 kiosks set up around the property where you can meet with a staff person and get your questions answered. There is a butterfly garden; children’s playground with a potbelly pig nearby; and a large store where you can purchase outdoor decorations and furniture for your own piece of paradise.

Sign up for emails on their website www.rockledgegardens.com and become a Gardening Bug which provides discounts and keeps you connected and in-the-know about everything going on here. You won’t want to miss another event.

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