Web Daytona to Expand Digital Marketing Services Into Miami

Nov. 14, 2019 – Web Daytona, a leading digital marketing agency from Volusia County, Florida, is expanding their services, Southward, into Miami. After more than a decade in the industry, the Daytona-based SEO giants have officially set up franchise premises in the Magic City, offering digital marketing services to Miami businesses.

1 (1).jpg

Founded by CEO, Gary Vela, Web Daytona has spent many years positioning themselves as a leading name in the search engine optimization industry. Specializing in full-service marketing, Web Daytona quickly branched out into nearby Orlando before growing to dominate the rest of the Florida market.

Discussing the move, Vela had this to say: “With this expansion into Miami, Web Daytona can use the physical benefits of a brick-and-mortar presence to bring more benefits to our local clients.”

The move is especially notable because Web Daytona has been providing affordable Miami SEO service for many years. The new physical location will allow the agency to be closer to its clients in the area for quicker, on-site services and better support, overall.

Web Daytona COO and resident SEO Strategist, Ako Stark, added: “Miami is a different market which we’re already involved with. We know the landscape and, now that we’re here in person, we’re ready to bring more of our A-Class services to the local market.”

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