TrialScout wins the prestigious Participant Engagement Award at SCOPE 2020 with national patient outreach campaign #FindtheFive

Feb. 19, 2020 – Circuit Clinical, a recent winner of the 43North Finals, is thrilled to announce TrialScout’s #FindtheFive outreach campaign was recognized at the Summit for Clinical Operations Executives (SCOPE) in Orlando, Florida.


On Tuesday evening, TrialScout’s #FindtheFive campaign was named the winner of the prestigious  Participant Engagement Award by a panel of industry-acclaimed judges and an audience of clinical operations executives. The award, co-created by Kelly McKee and David Sall and honoring Jerry Matczak, recognizes the efforts of TrialScout’s #FindtheFive outreach campaign to engage the FIVE MILLION Americans who have been in clinical trials in the past decade and could help the next person choose clinical research as a care option.

“It’s overdue that we ask clinical trials participants to rate their experience,” observed Judge Angela Radcliffe. “This is why TrialScout’s #FindtheFive was both a judge and audience favorite! If each of the 5 million inspire just one more person, the impact would be significant!”

“The Participant Engagement Award celebrates innovative approaches to true patient engagement,” noted Judge David Sall. “TrialScout’s presentation around #FindtheFive truly embodies the spirit of this award by engaging study participants and allowing them to share their voice and experience.”

Designed to inspire innovation and change in how the industry communicates with participants in the fields of recruitment and retention in clinical trials, this award embodies the values and personal accomplishments of Jerry Matczak, who sadly passed away soon after receiving the 2017 award.

“It felt surreal to see a year’s worth of work by our amazing team recognized by our incredibly talented peers,” said Dr. Irfan Khan, Founder and CEO of Circuit Clinical and TrialScout™. “This is a huge step forward for amplifying the patient voice as a part of the discovery of new medicines. Many thanks to our partners IACT HealthLMC Manna Research, all of hyperCORE International, and Meridian Clinical Research  – innovation NEEDS visionary adopters and we are in great company!”

The #FindtheFive campaign centers around the more than five million Americans who have participated in clinical research in the last decade and close to one million participants actively enrolled in clinical trials today. People considering clinical trials today lack the transparent, meaningful decision support they can find in everyday decision-making like choosing a restaurant, purchasing a product, or finding a new doctor. TrialScout and the work of the #FindtheFive campaign will close this gap through increasing engagement and awareness of the patient experience.

Have you or a loved one been in a clinical trial? Please consider joining the voices of the #FindtheFive community and telling your story. Rate your experience to help someone just like you:

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