SunDance Adds Labels and Flexible Packaging with Purchase of HP Digital Press

Feb. 21, 2020 – SunDance, a multi-channel print and marketing company, now offers custom labels and flexible packaging to help brands achieve their promotional goals with the purchase of an HP Indigo 6r Digital Press. The new press will digitally print labels and flexible packaging with unlimited designs, a wider color gamut and specialty finishes like soft-touch lamination and 3D UV coatings to make brands stand out more in the marketplace.

The digital press features variable data technology, allowing SunDance to print variable data, variable images and QR codes as part of a security solution or track-and-trace program. Utilizing the variable data printing capability, brands can also create personalized marketing campaigns or run promotions for target audiences, markets, regions, etc. Digital printing is an incredibly versatile and cost-effective method for printing ‘short run’ labels for multiple designs, languages, product lines, testing and more.

In addition to labels, the digital press can also print flexible packaging, a popular type of packaging that is flexible, durable and portable. Flexible packaging is used in many markets like food, beauty, health, and more to package a variety of product types such as pills, bars, gels, powders, and creams. Its air-tight seal and unlimited designs create many promotional opportunities for brands.

“We’re excited to start offering labels and flexible packaging to better serve our customers, which is why we chose the HP Indigo 6 Digital Press to ensure top-quality service and results,” said JohnHenry Ruggieri, the president of SunDance. HP is an industry leader in digital printing technology as it offers a high level of print quality, productivity and versatility.

Benefits of the HP Indigo 6r Digital Press include:

  • Unlimited designs
  • Widest digital color gamut
  • Brand protection and security solutions
  • Print on any substrate
  • Specialty finishes

Furthermore, the digital press will improve SunDance’s workflow efficiency by increasing production capacity, reducing setup costs and decreasing turnaround times. “With our new press and dedicated label reps, customers will receive the print and service quality they’ve come to expect from SunDance,” noted Ruggieri.

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