Brightway Insurance opens new Agencies in Florida

While the country’s response to the Coronavirus has caused many business operations to pause, Brightway Insurance remains committed to customers and to people who want to build their own Brightway business with the holistic support the company offers.

More consumers in FloridaNew York and Texas now have access to more choice and expert counsel when shopping for insurance as Brightway will open three stores Monday, May 11.

Michael Miller, Brightway Insurance

“Jose, Monica, Shannah and Matthew all bring great experience to Brightway, and we’re excited to partner with them to bring the Brightway brand and experience to more consumers in their areas,” said Brightway President and CEO, Michael Miller.

“We have hundreds of insurance professionals dedicated to providing holistic business support to them to empower them to grow as fast as possible.”

Brightway is a recession-proof company in the multi-billion-dollar Personal Lines insurance industry. Its low-risk, high-reward business opportunities allow people from a wide variety of backgrounds to prosper.

A centralized team of experts provides training and support in areas including Customer Service, Accounting, Marketing, Distribution, Business Analytics, Carrier Appointments, Licensing, Onboarding, Training, Hiring and Retaining personnel.

The company’s signature after-the-sale service empowers franchisees to focus on new business sales and provides their customers the personalized service they deserve.

In addition to providing holistic business support, Brightway has relationships with hundreds of insurance companies, giving Franchise Owners the ability to offer more choice in insurance brands to consumers. During tough financial times, having options is incredibly important for consumers.

While many businesses depend greatly on the economy to profit off of the sale of goods, Brightway Franchise Owners earn residual income year-after-year for as long as each policy sold is in place, no matter the economic forecast. And, the company recently announced flexibility to its franchise contract to make it easier to open a new Brightway franchise while COVID-19 shutdowns exist.

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