‘Raw Sugar Living’ Honors COVID-19 Front Line Heroes with Mural of Gratitude

Raw Sugar Living recently unveiled on their Florida-based corporate office building the new “Sarasota Heroes” mural, commissioned by Sarasota Magazine partnered with the Arts and Cultural Alliance of Sarasota County, which pays tribute and gratitude to COVID-19 front line workers.

On April 28, 2020 local artist, Karen Chandler began painting the art piece, which embodied her signature vibrant style and featured colorful pop-art images of nurses wearing masks and sunglasses. Just two weeks later, on Friday, May 15, the completed mural was officially dedicated in a ribbon-cutting ceremony honoring local healthcare professionals and all essential workers.

Ronnie Shugar, Co-Founder & CEO, Raw Sugar Living

“This mural is a powerful tribute to all those who are tirelessly sacrificing their lives to protect so many other lives, and celebrates everybody from the Sarasota Heroes, the first responders, scientists, lab technicians and the food banks, to the essential workers, retail clerks, production workers and truck drivers,” said Ronnie Shugar, Co-Founder & CEO, Raw Sugar Living. “From all of us at Raw Sugar, thank you.”


Donda Mullis, Co-Founder & CMO, Raw Sugar Living

“From the start of Raw Sugar, our foundation has always been about leading with love and heart. We are a brand that stands for kindness, respect, contribution and gratitude—not just in our words but through our actions. We are humbled to have been part of this mural project to honor and lift up each and every person who is using their gifts and talents to help us all rise together,” said Donda Mullis, Co-Founder & CMO, Raw Sugar Living.

The mural is available for public viewing at the Raw Sugar Living building at 1717 2nd St. in the heart of downtown Sarasota, Florida.

For more information, visit https://rawsugarliving.com/.

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