Wartime Veterans Entitled to Little Known Pension Benefits for Home Care

Vet Connect U.S.A. has announced the kick-off of their Wartime Veteran Aid and Attendance Organization in FloridaNew York, and California, effective Memorial Day 2020.

General Wesley K. Clark

“My commitment to our Veterans is that our Veteran Benefits Specialists (VBS), as well as our carefully selected home care agency partners, will be there to provide you the finest and most caring service you all deserve for your years of commitment and service to our Nation,” said General Wesley K. Clark (ret.).

The primary objective of the organization is to help Wartime Veterans who have served our country and to aid them in accessing tax-free “Aid & Attendance” benefits of up to $3,032 per month, of which many are entitled to but unaware.

Vet Connect U.S.A. provides “boots on the ground” Veteran Benefit Specialists (VBS) to interact face-to-face with Veterans and their families to help them through the otherwise lengthy and complicated process.

As we honor and remember our military men and women this Memorial Day, there is no better time to launch our efforts.

Additionally, we have the honor of announcing that General Wesley K. Clark (ret.) will serve as the founding Chairman of our Board of Directors.

For more information, visit vet-connect-usa.png

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