Tyler Technologies Enables Online Courts from California to Florida

Tyler Technologies, Inc. today announced new agreements and successful go-lives with courts in three states for Tyler’s Modria® online dispute resolution solution.

With courts having to shift to remote operations amid the coronavirus pandemic, Tyler’s solution allows them to bring essential court services to its citizens in a more convenient way.

The Third Circuit Court in Columbia County, Florida, and Ninth Circuit Court in Orange County, Florida, have recently gone live with Modria for small claims and debt collection cases.

Tyler’s Modria solution offers the workflows and communication tools necessary to facilitate resolution for these cases entirely online, without requiring parties to physically appear in a courtroom. If parties cannot solve their dispute online, they still have the option to appear before a judge.

In addition, the Los Angeles Superior Court (LASC) in California has also gone live with Modria.

The LASC, the largest court in the country, began a pilot program with Modria last year and recently expanded the scope and availability for all residents in Los Angeles County needing a parenting plan.

In addition to successful go-lives in California and Florida, Denton County, Texas, will be going live with Modria soon, bringing convenient, remote court services to their residents.

Denton County will use Modria for small claims and debt collection cases, similar to the courts in Columbia County and Orange County, Florida.

By using Modria, Denton County hopes to achieve faster resolution time for cases and alleviate staff resources.

Judge James R. DePiazza, Denton County Justice of the Peace Precinct 2

“We’re pleased to be able to offer online dispute resolution to our constituents.

As we continue to streamline court operations to electronic docketing and online filing, being able to provide this tool to residents can get their cases revolved in a timely manner without having to come to court is very important.

Many of our debt claims cases that go to trial get settled on the court date just prior to the hearing. Modria will help litigants resolve their case prior to their court date.

This saves them time by not having to appear, and it helps reallocate our staff resources to focus on other critical matters.” said Judge James R. DePiazza, Denton County Justice of the Peace Precinct 2.

The courts in Orange County, Los Angeles County, and Denton County will be able to seamlessly connect their Modria solution to their Odyssey® e-filing and case management solutions.

Cases can easily be entered into the e-filing system and then automatically added to case management and sent to Modria for the parties to work out their disputes quickly.

“Providing increased access to justice has always been important to Tyler, and some can argue that is even more important during this time when jurisdictions have had to shift to remote operations or provide services online.

We’re excited to see these innovative courts embrace online dispute resolution so they can continue serving their residents without interruption.

We are confident that Modria will help the courts’ constituents solve their disputes fairly, efficiently, and at a time and place convenient for them.” said Jamie Gillespie, general manager of Tyler’s Modria solution.

For more information, visit  tylertech.com

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