Wild Florida Announces Second Successful Albino Alligator Breeding with 25 eggs!

Wild Florida is the only attraction in the world with a successful albino alligator breeding program and has produced a second batch of 25 albino alligator eggs to prove it.

Wild Florida’s “Croc squad” collected 19 albino alligator eggs from within the exhibit last year but, unfortunately, the eggs were not fertile.

Last week, Wild Florida’s “Croc squad” collected 25 eggs and moved them to a more secure location to help ensure the eggs’ survival before hatching.

Sam Haught, Co-Owner of Wild Florida

“We can’t believe Snowflake and Blizzard have produced another round of eggs and this time six more than last year! So proud of this superstar couple and the progress they’re making.

This is a big day for our park,” says Sam Haught, co-owner and co-founder of Wild Florida.

The incubation period for alligator eggs is an average of about 60 days, depending on the temperature of the nest.

The eggs placed in the incubator will be kept at a stable temperature in a controlled environment to help ensure the success rate of the eggs hatching later this summer.

If the eggs are fertile, with both Blizzard and Snowflake being full albino alligators, these eggs will produce the first albino alligators to be born and raised in Central Florida.

The 26-year-old female, Snowflake, and 15-year-old male, Blizzard, were acquired by Wild Florida in May 2017 and are located within Wild Florida’s Gator Park.

Admission to Wild Florida’s Gator Park is only $10 for adults, and Florida residents receive a 50% discount year-round.

Admission to the Gator Park is free for any guest who purchases a ticket to Wild Florida’s Drive-thru Safari Park, goes on an airboat tour, or experiences an animal encounter.

For more information, visit WildFL.com

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