First Certified Pure Air Indoor Environment Building Opened

Pure Air Control Services understands that as COVID-19 continues to loosen its grip across the country, facilities managers look ahead to reopening their buildings.

So, it’s important to have a strategy in place to ensure safe occupancy.

Reopening places of worship presents special challenges for social distancing and disinfection.

An example of the correct way to do this is Generation Church of Largo, Florida. Together with Pure Air Control Services, they successfully implemented a new program to the first “Certified Pure Air Indoor Environment” of its kind.

This gives a high level of assurance that church is safe for occupancy after the COVID-19 shutdown.

Stephen and Joy Holley , Lead Pastors

“The decision around reopening our building was not easy, as we wanted to make sure our congregation could gather safely.

The comfort of becoming a Pure Air Indoor Environment with optimal air quality and the testing the facilities for COVID-19 has been a true blessing,” Says Pastor Stephen Holley.

What is a Certified Pure Air Indoor Environment?

It’s a suite of specialized environmental services performed by Pure Air Controls to neutralizes harmful pathogens and particles while monitoring the indoor air quality conditions.

HVAC Cleaned & Restored

To get Generation Church certified, all of the building’s HVAC units were hygienically cleaned with the PURE-Steam™ process. Then the units were restored with HVAC New Life™ anti-microbial paint.

Particles Reduced

The supply and return ductwork were also hygienically cleaned throughout the building.

This was done using the PURE-Duct method with negative air machines and HEPA filtration. Fiberglass duct-board was then encapsulated to prevent degradation.

Pathogens Neutralized

PURE-Decon building disinfection was conducted using EPA-registered disinfectants to neutralize all bacteria, mold, and viruses (including the virus that causes COVID-19) before reopening the church facilities.

Air Purification

Two air purifiers with EnviroSmart™ detection technology and multi-stage HEPA filtration were installed in the auditorium for the continuous cleaning of the air.

This is effective in removing allergens, microbes, odors, and particles.

Conditions Monitored

Coronavirus environmental sampling and RT-qPCR (RNA) testing was done to verify building safety.

Finally, multiple IAQ Guard sensors were installed to monitor and alert the facility 24/7 for particles, temperature, relative humidity, CO2, and volatile organic compounds.

The church has received many compliments and appreciation from their congregation for having become a Certified Pure Air Indoor Environment.

Other organizations are keenly aware of the need for a healthy building and have expressed interest in this innovative program.

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