PowerSafe Automation Launches a Hands-Free Sanitizer Dispenser

PowerSafe Automation, a workplace safety solutions provider, officially launched the Universal PumpMaster 2020TM hands-free dispensing system.

This unit is designed to hold up to a 1-gallon bottle with pump of hand sanitizer, hand soaps and lotions, pumice hand cleaners, and more in various sizes and shapes, includes a user-friendly, spring-loaded paddle controlled by an ergonomic foot pedal activating the pump handle on the bottle.

Our sturdy, free standing frame is constructed of modular t-slotted extrusion with a corrosion resistant anodize finish, weighing only 17 lbs. and can be conveniently located anywhere including high traffic areas.

This solution is Made in the USA and is offered in four different styles, comes fully assembled, and includes an allen wrench with a user manual showing the modular shelf adjust-ability.

Hand sanitizer and pump handles are also available providing a turnkey package to our customers.

Using hand sanitizer is one of the best ways to prevent germs from spreading and leading to sickness and infection.

This device was developed to help maintain a sanitary work environment for employees as part of their workplace safeguarding directives.

Our new Universal PumpMaster 2020TM used in conjunction with the associated cleaners and disinfectants is essential to reducing cross contamination due to less human direct-contact touches minimizing the spreading of germs and the chance to contract viruses.

Shawn Mantel, COO of PowerSafe Automation

“Hands-free sanitizer dispensers should be used in any industrial and commercial environment for proper and essential hygiene,” said Shawn Mantel, COO of PowerSafe Automation.

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic and the potential of future pandemics, these have become a HOT commodity in the beta test phase because of the new Pandemic Protection Protocols.

This dispenser is now in factories, entertainment venues, food and beverage establishments, and offices as well as interest from hotels, auto dealers and shops, sport venues, and outdoor rec areas.

Get yours in queue now and help provide a safer work environment for the current and future generations helping them get home safe to their family and friends every day.

For more information, visit powersafeautomation.com

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