Flow-Tech Home Saves American Homeowners 2 Billion Gallons of Water

Flow-Tech Home provides protection against the damaging effects of hard water while saving billions of gallons of water in the process.

As of 2020, Flow-Tech Home estimates that two billion gallons of water have been saved by homeowners opting for the company’s alternative to traditional salt-based water softeners.

Over 60,000 homeowners living in areas of the country with particularly hard water have used Flow-Tech Home’s chemical-free water treatment technology to prevent the buildup of hard water deposits.

The negative impact of traditional water softeners on sanitation districts and the environment have led to water softener bans in counties throughout the U.S.

While a salt-based water softener removes calcium and magnesium from a home’s water—thereby reducing the buildup of scale in the plumbing system and water heater—it replaces those minerals with sodium and chloride.

The softening process produces as much as 150 gallons of brine solution a week, which requires discharging one to three times per week and puts a strain on sanitation districts––often resulting in a costlier treatment process.

Flow-Tech Home’s proprietary technology has the unique ability to treat all the water in a plumbing system, regardless of flow.

By manipulating the calcium and magnesium within the water, Flow-Tech forces these minerals to stick to themselves as opposed to the plumbing.

“We continue to see increased adoption of Flow-Tech Home over traditional water softeners, particularly in our TexasArizona, and California markets.

Homeowners utilizing Flow-Tech have eliminated the need for conventional softeners and weekly brine discharges, while efficiently addressing their hard water concerns,” says Mark Meyer of Flow-Tech Systems.

Flow-Tech Home is exclusively sold through and installed by professional certified plumbing contractors.

Once installed, the system requires no ongoing maintenance.

For more information, visit www.flowtechsystems.com

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