Maskco Technologies and SharperTek Announce Venture to Create the Second Largest Manufacturer of N95 Respirators

Maskco Technologies, Inc. and SharperTek announces that they have entered into a partnership to develop several versions of Maskco Technologies’ “MTech Respirator,” including models with and without valves and utilizing antimicrobial materials.

Under the terms of the agreement, SharperTek, a Pontiac, Michigan, based manufacturer of automated assembly machines, will deliver 56 units of their patent-pending automated assembly lines to Maskco Technologies’ production facilities in Miami, Florida.

“We are pleased to announce this new joint venture for Masko Technologies.

Pending approval from NIOSH, we are excited to be entering the market positioned to become one of the largest manufacturers of N95 Respirators in the United States over the next 24 months.

SharperTek has an excellent track record of creating innovative automated machinery, and we look forward to working together to meet the critical need for increased production of N95 Respirators in the United States,” stated Scott H. Weissman, Chief Executive Officer of Maskco Technologies.

Maskco Technologies, Inc. and SharperTek also agreed to jointly establish and oversee the National Association of Personal Protective Equipment Manufacturers (, a non-profit organization consisting of manufacturers, distributors, re-sellers and qualified buyers of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

The goals of this organization include increasing the production of PPE in the United States with materials that will be sourced nationally.

“We are very honored to have the opportunity to work with Maskco Technologies.

This venture will create hundreds of jobs in both Florida and Michigan while securing our Nation’s ability to manufacture PPE (personal protective equipment) domestically and reduce our reliance on foreign suppliers,” stated Tim Bartlett, VP of SharperTek.

The Companies plan to begin production of the MTech Respirator in November of 2020 pending certification from NIOSH.

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