How Crave Hot dogs and BBQ Stayed Successful throughout the Pandemic

Crave Hot Dogs and BBQ is an All-American brand, when founders Samantha and Salvatore Rincione began Crave, it was always their goal to have something that was sustainable, fun and inviting, had a great menu that could be prepared for to go or dine In, and could withstand most any situation that arose.

It’s no secret that the national pandemic put strains on many quick serve restaurants, as well as the entire industry.

Many of the things Crave had implemented upon creation, allowed them to stay proactive, sustain business and be a brand of choice for franchisees as well as customers.

It was an easy transition for the restaurant owners, although not ideal, it allowed them to stay open in their regions following the specific guidelines.

Crave has multiple revenue streams and ways of ordering.

During the pandemic, many customers opted to take advantage of the APP through android and iOS.

The app allows customers to place their orders via their phone and then choose whether they’d like to pick them up curbside, grab take out, or if they’d like delivery.

For the initial phase, this was crucial as an offering, so guests were able to still get their favorite lunch and dinner very quickly and easily without hassle.

They also accrued many loyalty points and earned rewards during this time. The app also allows for communication of specials and alerts.

As restrictions eased in different parts of the states, the brand was able to keep up with social distancing parameters by having large enough locations to be able to spread out tables and chairs and accommodate customers.

The self-serve beer wall is also an integral part in Crave’s success during this time.

The wall allowed customers to successfully social distance while drinking their favorite local crafts on tap.

Measures were put in place early on such as mask wearing, glove wearing and changing as well as routine wipe down and sanitizing procedures.

Samantha Rincione, Crave Hotdogs CEO

“Our franchisees have been extremely vigilant and we are in constant communication, i’m very proud of them all.

The overall attitude has been positive and we all knew that it’s something we need to get through together.

Our staff is in constant contact and we update procedures and seating as restrictions ease,” said CEO Samantha Rincione.

Crave has also successfully continued to grow the brand and sell new franchises.

We saw this opportunity to help those who wanted to start their own business, we reduced our franchise fee until May 1 which helped franchisees get started.

The brand currently has stores under construction in a ColoradoLouisianaTexas and Florida.

The brand is looking forward to the future and hopes to end 2020 with a bang and have an even better 2021.

For more information, visit

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