White Castle® Cravers Prefer Chicken Rings Over Chicken Nuggets Nearly 9 to 1

With their great taste and fun shape, White Castle’s Chicken Rings run circles around boring old chicken nuggets.

This is the major finding of a recent survey seeking consumer opinion on White Castle’s Chicken Rings and the mundane chicken nuggets offered by many of its competitors.

White Castle conducted the email survey of White Castle email subscribers across the U.S. the week of June 22.

More than 87% of the respondents said they preferred White Castle’s Chicken Rings over their amorphous chicken counterpart.

They also overwhelmingly proclaimed that Chicken Rings are tastier (86%) and more “craveable” (87%) than conventional chicken nuggets.

Other key findings of the survey include:

  • 82% of respondents say White Castle Chicken Rings are more shareable than chicken nuggets
  • 86% of respondents would give their friends and loved ones White Castle Chicken Rings over chicken nuggets
  • 73% of respondents say the ideal time to eat a Chicken Ring is during all day parts or “anytime the crave strikes”
  • 64% said the ideal time to eat a chicken nugget is never or only when a White Castle Chicken Ring isn’t available

Jamie Richardson, Vice President at White Castle

“Honestly, we weren’t surprised at all by the results of the survey.

We always knew that Chicken Rings have been a favorite among the Craver Nation.

Why else would 87% of the respondents say they’d rather be a White Castle Chicken Ring than an ordinary nugget?,” said Jamie Richardson, vice president at White Castle.

White Castle conducted the survey in conjunction with the launch of its new national Chicken Rings promotion. For a limited time at participating Castles beginning June 29, White Castle fans can get:

  • 12-piece Chicken Rings for just $2.99 ($3.99 in East Coast Area Castles)
  • 20-piece Chicken Rings for just $5.69 ($5.99 in East Coast Area Castles)
  • the Share-A-Meal® Pack #8, which includes 10 original Sliders, 20-piece Chicken Rings and a sack of fries, for just $13.99 ($14.99 in East Coast Area Castles)
  • a free 20-piece Chicken Rings with the purchase of a Crave Case® ordered online or through the White Castle app

The Chicken Rings offers are not available at White Castle restaurants in Las Vegas or Arizona.

White Castle’s Chicken Rings, made with tender, juicy all white meat chicken and lightly breaded to perfection, are known just as much for their incredible taste as they are for their perfectly round shape.

In fact, survey respondents described the Chicken Ring as “fanfreakingtastic,” “pluckin awesome,” and “awesomely the best.”

The Chicken Rings are not only tasty, they’re also fun to eat. Hundreds of survey respondents commented that they like to twirl them, stack them and otherwise put them on their fingers, which may explain why they’ve been central to many marriage proposals at White Castle.

The Ring is the thing – 360 degrees of yes please!

For more information, visit www.whitecastle.com

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