ALYI Announces Electric Vehicle $100 Million ICO Presentation

Alternet Systems, Inc. today confirmed an online presentation to be published this week on Thursday, July 23, 2020 to detail the coming initial coin offering intended to back ALYI’s electric vehicle strategy in Africa. 

From its founding in patented lithium technology commercialization, ALYI has evolved into an innovative electric vehicle company with an initial $300 million electric mobility initiative in Africa designed to rapidly expand beyond the initial $300 million scope.

The $300 million initiative includes a key customer for ALYI’s Revolt Electric Motorcycle, and a comprehensive annual electric mobility event designed to both fuel the branding and marketing of ALYI’s current and future electric vehicles in addition to serving as a catalyst in the development of all ALYI’s future electric mobility solutions.

ALYI’s Revolt Electric Motorcycle is a rugged design that has now endured two rounds of prototyping and testing and is ready for production. The Revolt Electric Motorcycle will be manufactured in Kenya initially for the Kenyan ride-share market.

Motorcycles are already widely accepted and in use as taxi’s in Africa.

The branding and marketing for ALYI’s current and future electric mobility solutions will be built on the company gaining recognition for its annual electric mobility conference and symposium that includes an already branded anchor event.

The anchor event is part of an existing and well established $6 billion industry.

The annual electric mobility conference and symposium and anchor event is expected to contribute significantly to both ALYI’s top and bottom line, in addition to providing a catalyst to the development of future ALYI mobility solutions.

On June 30, 2020 ALYI entered into a letter of intent (LOI) for a $25 million first tranche investment to fund ALYI’s overall $300 million electric mobility initiative in Africa.

The planned ALYI investment is one component of the investor’s overall $100 million initial cryptocurrency offering (ICO) strategy.

The investor is independently launching an ICO dedicated to funding ALYI’s overall $300 million electric mobility project in Africa with future plans to fund additional electric mobility initiatives in Africa.

The investor has already partitioned a cryptocurrency on the Ethereum Blockchain in advance of the planned ICO.

This week, on Thursday, July 23rd, the investor will publish an online presentation detailing the upcoming ICO’s overall strategy to fund an environmentally sustainable, electric mobility initiative in Africa that economically benefits local African markets while providing those purchasing the cryptocurrency multiple incentives and economic benefits.

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