Passport offers more ways to pay to park in Fort Myers Beach

Vacationers and residents can now enjoy the long sandy coast of Fort Myers Beach without worrying about feeding – or touching – the parking meter.

Passport, the operating system that provides cashless payment options to cities and their parkers, enables users to pay to park in over 370 parking spaces across the beach.

Paying through the Passport Parking app is simple: drivers download the free app, create an account, choose a zone, and enter their parking space number to begin a session.

By offering a cashless, contactless payment option for parking, users can easily and safely manage their parking sessions without having to touch meters and risk the spread of germs.

“Especially amid the pandemic, the safety and health of our residents and visitors is a top concern for Fort Myers Beach,” said Town Manager, Roger Hernstadt.

“This ongoing partnership with Passport means we can continue to provide a safe and convenient method of payment for those enjoying their time at the beach.”

Over 1,200 cities and universities are supported by the Passport Operating System to manage vehicle interactions on their streets and sidewalks.

Passport supports other Florida cities, such as St. AugustineDelray Beach and Cocoa Beach.

“With Passport, Fort Myers Beach can digitally coordinate its streetspace and offer a convenient payment option to all its parkers,” said Alicia Smart, Passport sales executive.

“We are excited to continue our partnership and deliver a safe and convenient way for people to park and enjoy the town.”

For more information, visit

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