Echo Global Logistics Integrates with Blue Yonder’s Dynamic

Echo Global Logistics, Inc., a leading provider of technology-enabled transportation management services, has partnered with Blue Yonder.

A leading digital supply chain platform provider, to further automate rapid response price quoting and freight capacity for shippers using the Blue Yonder dynamic price discovery solution.

With the depth and breadth of Blue Yonder’s large customer portfolio, Echo will be able to extend its reach to more shippers through this partnership.

Using the Blue Yonder dynamic price discovery solution, Echo can provide shippers with near real-time matching of price and capacity, along with tracking that is connected to and made available on Blue Yonder’s Luminate™ Platform.

Powered by Microsoft Azure, the Luminate Platform combines data from both internal and external sources, spanning shippers’ digital supply chain ecosystems, to leverage both artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), enabling smarter and more actionable business decisions.

“With one of the largest truckload networks in the country, proprietary strategic analytics, and expert pricing knowledge, we are able to meet the needs of our largest shippers in a highly automated and efficient manner,” said Dave Menzel, President and Chief Operating Officer at Echo.

“Through our integration with Blue Yonder, we’re pleased to provide our brokerage services to their extensive customer base and further expand our business as a result.”


“At Echo, we’re always evaluating opportunities to invest in advancements that streamline complex and time-consuming processes for our clients,” said Jay Gustafson, SVP of Marketplace Solutions at Echo.

“By seamlessly implementing our proprietary pricing algorithms into Blue Yonder’s technology, we can provide our clients with instant capacity and pricing information to improve efficiency within the Blue Yonder supply chain management platform.”


“By integrating with our dynamic price discovery solution through our Luminate Platform, Echo Global Logistics will be able to provide an enhanced experience for freight shippers in the marketplace,” said Terry Norton, Vice President of 3PL & Transportation at Blue Yonder.

“The way truck contracts are managed today is changing and becoming more modern so having real-time visibility to their supply chain will allow Echo’s clients to make more informed decisions.

We designed our solution to meet this growing need in the digital freight marketplace.”

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